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Cairns, QLD
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Specialists in profit, diversity and growth, Outsource Management are leading experts in tailored business strategy and consultancy solutions since 1998. Our services are not geographically constrained and we regularly carry out client support work across Northern Australia.

Outsource Management Pty Ltd (OM) is a diverse, corporate advisory and business improvement organisation established in 1998. Bob Cobavie and the team have successfully built a company that is actively growing and operating across Northern Australia.

OM’s growth has been achieved through continuous referrals from our networks, and especially from satisfied clients who rely upon us to provide them with assistance from any one or combination of our six core areas of expertise.

Our team consistently delivers sustainable benefits and provide services in the following core areas:

1. Profit enhancement
2. Sales, marketing and export development
3. Workplace health and safety, quality assurance and environmental management (to certification standards)
4. Efficiency analysis and systems improvement
5. Team support, development and training
6. Data collection and collation.
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1. Profit Enhancement:
• Investment readiness preparation
• Business development
• Business mentoring; guidance through implementation of business planning output
• Business planning; life planning, management planning, feasibility studies, strategic planning, risk management
• Commercialisation assistance; innovative products and services development
• Government Grant application support
• Tender submission support
• Operations management and support
• Profit enhancement; cost reduction and cash flow growth
• Business restructure; business assessment, strategic planning for business restructure and improvement, debtor, creditor and cashflow management, priority supplier and ATO payment arrangements, finance, refinancing and debt consolidation application support, restructuring, financial reporting and ongoing analysis, communications to stakeholders.

2. Sales, Marketing and Export:
• Marketing and sales; planning, strategy, development and implementation
• Market research; markets, competitor analysis and opportunities
• Company Profiles and Capability Statements
• Public relations assistance
• Surveys; client, customer both current and potential
• Workshop facilitation
• Preparation for exporting.

3. Workplace Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Environmental Management:
• Development of WH&S systems
• Quality assurance system development to ISO 9000 and 14000 accreditation standards
• Employee workplace safety inductions
• Environmental management systems
• Safety system design and implementation
• Workplace safety training.

4. Efficiency Analysis and Systems Improvement:
• Development of a broad range of systems and procedures
• Human resource analysis
• Performance auditing (both business and employees)
• Plant and equipment analysis

5. Team Support, Development and Training:
• Business cultural assessment and improvement
• Motivation, performance measurement and enhancement
• Organisational reengineering
• Sales and marketing training
• SWOT analysis and action planning
• Team evaluation and building

6. Data Collection and Collation:
• Data and statistical information gathering to support projects
• Information collation
• Report development and presentation – one page dashboard reports
• Survey design
• Statistical analysis.

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Aurukun, QLD, Cairns, QLD, Cassowary Coast, QLD, Cook, QLD, Croydon, QLD, Douglas, QLD, Etheridge, QLD, Hope Vale, QLD, Kowanyama, QLD, Lockhart River, QLD, Mapoon, QLD, Mareeba, QLD, Napranum, QLD, Northern Peninsula Area Region, QLD, Pormpuraww, QLD, Tablelands, QLD, Torres, QLD, Torres Strait Island, QLD, Weipa, QLD, Wujal Wujal, QLD, Yarrabah, QLD
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Palmer Consultancy is the Torres Strait and Cape York's own project management and business consultancy provider, based on Thursday island and uniquely positioned to have an unrivalled depth of specialist skills and expertise across this complex region. Our strong local perspective equals years of delivering on promises and keeping the community at the center of every outcome.
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what we do… is make a difference. We challenge the status quo by being a part of community and genuinely sharing in project success. Our core business includes Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Logistic Planning, Strategic Asset Management, Business Case and Grant Writing as well as Corporate and Executive level support functions.

Aurukun, QLD, Cairns, QLD, Cassowary Coast, QLD, Cook, QLD, Croydon, QLD, Douglas, QLD, Etheridge, QLD, Hope Vale, QLD, Kowanyama, QLD, Lockhart River, QLD, Mapoon, QLD, Mareeba, QLD, Napranum, QLD, Northern Peninsula Area Region, QLD, Pormpuraww, QLD, Tablelands, QLD, Torres, QLD, Torres Strait Island, QLD, Weipa, QLD, Wujal Wujal, QLD, Yarrabah, QLD
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Premium agricultural consulting and whole farm management. Based on science, leveraged with technology and delivered through expertise.
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Pinnacle Pocket Consulting provides clients with a premium service that drives long-term, sustainable farm profitability. We are focused on bringing research initiatives and findings to landholders to ensure all on-farm decisions are backed by science. Our extensive experience means greater insight into what producers need to ensure their enterprises have long-term business viability based on broad-reaching strategies that will make a difference to long-term productivity. Pinnacle Pocket Consulting possess a start to finish project capability to assist clients, right through the lifecycle of agribusiness, Natural Resource projects or feasibility assessment. From identification of Suitable Land and Soil through to project implementation and Agronomic advice. We aim to maximise commercial value for our Agribusiness clients and minimise environmental and economic risk. We can offer clients a full project lifecycle capability with the expertise and systems to assist in the development of projects from conceptualisation to completion. Autonomous advice, fully independent from farm supplies sales and free from supplier affiliations.

Agronomist and Soil Pedologist Consultant
• Soils Land Resource Management Advice
• Soil Carbon Project advice
• Risk assessments on Salinity, Sodicity and Soil Erosion.
• Soil Conservation Management & Design - Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
• Agronomic suitability from soils, climate, topography, fertility & water requirements
• Land resource assessment for access agreements, compensation for mining, infrastructure projects

Northern Beef Cattle Breeding Systems Advisory Service
• Animal husbandry recommendations,
• Breeder management advice for optimal efficiency
• Reproduction, genetics, bull selection and genomics.
• Livestock nutrition guidance
• Grazing Land Management advice
• Assessment of safe carrying capacity
• Implementation of large-scale artificial breeding programs to maximize genetic gain for economically important traits

Pasture, Crop, and Nutrient Improvement Advice
• Advisory for Field crops, sugar, tropical and sub-tropical pastures including multi-species, cover cropping and applied soil biology advice
• Agronomic advice including soil and plant tissue testing for interpretation or recommendation service
• Production planning including full-agribusiness plan with mapped cultivation areas
• Nutrient Budget Planning, including block management zones outlining the area, crop class, potential/historical yield, and recommendations
• Identification of physical or chemical constraints such as acidic soils, compaction, or poor yielding areas
• Gross Margin budgets for fertilizer, seed, and Ag-chem inputs

Land Suitability & Vegetation Assessments
• Determination of Good Quality Agricultural/Strategic Cropping Land
• Land suitability studies to determine long-term productivity & viability
• Vegetation mapping, flora surveys, trigger mapping

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Grant & tender writing, business and strategic planning, business support services, Government and private sector lobbying.
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Shane Bowering, Director

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Cairns, QLD
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Business development.
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