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Cairns, QLD
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Business development.
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Premium agricultural consulting and whole farm management. Based on science, leveraged with technology and delivered through expertise.
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TEC provides clients with a premium service that drives long-term, sustainable farm profitability. TEC is built on the foundations of strong research through its ties to the Thomas Elder Institute, an industry-leading collaboration between Elders and leading Australian Universities across Australia. We are focused on bringing research initiatives and findings to consultants to ensure all on-farm decisions are backed by science. Our consultants are national technical experts. Their extensive experience means greater insight into what producers need to ensure their farming enterprises have long-term business viability. Our advice goes beyond product recommendations – it’s based on broad-reaching strategies that will make a difference to long-term productivity. Autonomous advice, fully independent from farm supplies sales and free from supplier affiliations. Within the far North region, we have experience in:-
• Soils Land Resource Management Advice
• Soil Carbon Project advice
• Agronomic advice including soil testing for interpretation and recommendations
• Risk assessments on Salinity, Sodicity and Soil Erosion.
• Soil Conservation Management & Design - Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
• Agronomic suitability from soils, climate, topography, fertility & water requirements
Northern Beef Cattle Breeding Systems Advisory Service:-
• Animal husbandry recommendations
• Breeder management advice for optimal efficiency
• Reproduction, genetics, bull selection and genomics.
• Livestock nutrition guidance
• Grazing Land Management advice
• Implementation of large-scale artificial breeding programs to maximise genetic gain for economically important traits
Pasture, Crop, and Nutrient Improvement Advice for Field crops, sugar, tropical and sub-tropical pastures
• Production planning including full-agribusiness plan with mapped cultivation areas
• Nutrient Budget Planning Service including; block management zones outlining the area, crop class, potential/historical yield and recommended fertiliser application rates.
• Identification of physical or chemical constraints such as, acidic soils, compaction or poor yielding areas
• Tissue tests for crop monitoring
• Pasture suitability, multi-species, and cover cropping advice.
• Gross Margin budgets for fertiliser, seed and Ag-chem inputs
Land Suitability Assessments to determine long-term productivity & viability.

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