RDA Tropical North collates information on upcoming tenders from government, corporate and private sectors.

Building / Construction / Maintenance / Repairs
BAE Systems Australia Ltd Hunter Class Frigate Program (HCFP)

In June 2018 the Australian Government (“the Commonwealth”) announced that BAE Systems was selected as the preferred tenderer for the Hunter Class Frigate Program (HCFP) to deliver nine anti-submarine warfare frigates to the Royal Australian Navy.

The Commonwealth announced at the same time that ASC Shipbuilding would become a subsidiary of BAE Systems Australia Ltd, and that through BAE Systems, ASC Shipbuilding would be responsible for the delivery of the frigates.

During the D&P Phase significant opportunities for Australian suppliers to participate in the HCFP will be created. The two key milestones during this phase are the commencement of prototyping in 2020 and cutting steel on the first ship in 2022.

In order to ensure industry involvement we will continue engaging with industry and market testing through a variety of activities.

We are also encouraging the OEMs on the Type 26 Reference Ship Design to continue their industry engagement, assessing local industry capabilities and conducting market testing. Our Global Access Program and supply chain organisation will continue to facilitate and support this.

This ICN portal will continue to be used as the vehicle for registering expressions of interest and posting all non-export controlled work packages available to Australian industry and supporting pre-qualification activities.

Visit the ICN Portal to register your interest and receive project updates.

Ongoing Rolling Projects
Cairns Convention Centre Expansion Various Trade/Projects

The Cairns Convention Centre is currently at capacity, due to a combination of population growth, increased tourism and demand for the number and increasing size of trade shows. The Cairns Convention Centre Expansion Project (CCCE) has been proposed to meet the need of the growing venue demand in Cairns to host multiple trade shows and conventions.

The Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) is the project principal/client and Lendlease Building has been appointed as the Managing Contractor of the CCCE project which includes detailed design and construction responsibility.


CURRENT SUBCONTRACTOR INVITATION:  Thursday, 17 September 2020 from 3:30pm at Brothers Leagues Club.


Various 6 Feb – 1 Dec 2020
Cook Shire Council Pedestrian Pathway Upgrade Council is seeking submissions from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the supply and installation of all pedestrian pathways and the supply and installation of all garden upgrades at the Botanic Gardens in Cooktown, as further detailed in the Tender documents. 16 Sept 2020
Cook Shire Council Reconciliation Rocks Precinct Seeking submissions from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to coordinate the construction, build structures, provide services, finishes, fixtures, fittings, landscape and paving for The Boathouse and Reconciliation Rocks Precinct, as further detailed in the Tender documents. 16 Sept 2020
Dept of Education, Training and Employment Mossman State High School Flexispace Tender now open and accepting accplications. 17 Sept 2020
Dept of Transport and Main Roads – RoadTek Supply, delivery of sheet piling Supply, delivery and installation of sheet piling for Boland street culvert 18 Sept 2020
Aurukun Shire Council Aurukun Access Road Works Seeking submissions from suitably qualified contractors to complete in-situ stabilisation with cement incorporation of road shoulders along sections of the Aurukun Access Road. The project will provide improved erosion protection of the road shoulder along the Aurukun Access Road. 21 Sept 2020
Cairns Regional Council Bluewater Canal Dredging Inviting submissions from suitably qualified and experienced Contractors for the Maintenance Dredging of Bluewater Canal, Cairns. 21 Sept 2020
Cairns Regional Council Refurbishment of Water Reservoirs Inviting submissions from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the refurbishment works at the three water reservoirs.  The Contract comprises of three separable portions:  1) Henley’s Hill No. 5, Earlville;  2)  White’s Gap No. 1, Kanimbla; and 3) Janett Street, Yorkeys Knob. 29 Sept 2020
Dept of Defence Building and Maritime Works – HMAS Cairns

The Works include the following:  1) demolition of existing facilities; 2) demolition of the existing Navy wharf and construction of a new wharf;  3) construction of new operational support facilities including an office accommodation building and hardstand storage facilities; 4) upgrades and refurbishment of existing logistics and maintenance facilities; and 5) upgrades to services and in-ground infrastructure.
To support the Introduction Into Service (IIS) of the Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel’s (ACOPV) operational and support capabilities.


And industry briefing will be conducted on 25 August 2020 at 9am.

29 Sept 2020
QBuild – FNQ Thursday Island Hospital & Primary Health Care Clinic Upgrade Limited information available – view tender documents directly. 29 Sept 2020
Aurukun Shire Council Wastewater Infrastructure Improvements Invites tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the upgrade of a sewer pump station, pump station shelter, genset shelter and debris chamber. Works also include the installation of baffles, repair and replacement of lagoon liner, desludging and drainage of the wastewater treatment facility located within Aurukun Shire. 2 Oct 2020
Cairns Regional Council Flying Fox Deterrent Works Inviting submissions from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for Flying Fox Deterrent Works. 7 Oct 2020


Community and Social Services
Dept of Child Safety, Youth and Women ATSI Family Wellbeing Services evaluation Requires an external contractor to undertake an implementation and outcome evaluation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing Services (FWS), including a cost-benefit analysis. Within the allocated time and resources, the most culturally informed evaluation approach is desired by FWS providers, stakeholders and the department. 28 Sept 2020
Education and Training
General Goods and Services


Dept of Education, Training and Employment Supply Cleaning Supplies

Seeking proposals to establishing a Standing Offer Arrangement for the Supply of Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Consumables.

The aim of the arrangement is to ensure a reliable and cost effective supply of cleaning chemicals and consumables which meet the Department’s requirements in terms of suitability, quality and sustainability. The cleaning products supplied must comply with any specified guidelines, Australian standards or relevant WH&S regulations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and end users.

15 Sept 2020
Australian Fisheries Management Authority Foreign Marine Vessel Caretaking and Disposal Services Invites tenderers for the provision of vessel caretaking and / or vessel disposal services to foreign vessels apprehended in the Torres Strait and Gulf of Carpentaria. AFMA will consider tenders at a single or multiple locations, and welcomes the submission of alternative solutions. AFMA has a preference for cost recovery via a fee for service structure, and contracts are for a period of three years. 21 Sept 2020
Dept of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Sport and Rec Precinct Plan Seeking Quotes for Napranum Foreshore Sport and Recreation Precinct Plan.  In consultation with the Napranum community and Council, develop a Foreshore Recreation and Sporting Precinct Plan that will provide a focal point for the community and visitors to exercise, appreciate and partake in recreational activities, come together and belong. 21 Sept 2020
Dept of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Land surveying In consultation with Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council, the successful contractor is required to review the current master plan with particular attention to the flood event of December 2018/January 2019 and additional community projects premised on residential and economic development. 21 Sept 2020
Local Buy Library Resources

To establish a Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (RPQS) LGA Arrangement to cater for a diverse range of Library Resources: Goods, Services & Associated Technologies to assist Purchasers in Queensland and the Northern Territory to manage their individual requirements and continued easy access to goods, services and associated technologies by providing effective and streamlined procurement processes. Purchasers will have an optimal choice of service providers who have a strong local and regional presence, thereby promoting the development of competitive local business and industry, whilst providing commercially robust rates, and terms and conditions of contract.

This arrangement covers NT, QLD

22 Sept 2020
Dept of Veteran Affairs Provision of Horticultural, Trade and Professional Services

This RFT seeks to establish a Standing Offer Panel comprising suitable organisations to provide horticultural, trade and professional services consistent with the requirements of the OAWG throughout Australia, including major cities, inner and outer regional areas, and remote or very remote areas.
Services are to be performed in accordance with a range of specifications, reporting requirements and special conditions as per the Approach to Market. Services have been categorised into the following groups:

  • Category 1: Horticultural and Landscaping Services
  • Category 2: Arboreal Services
  • Category 3: Trade Services
  • Category 4: Horticultural, Heritage, Engineering and Stone Masonry Consultancy and Development Services
  • Category 5: Site/Facilities Management
24 Sept 2020
Etheridge Shire Council Management of Student Hostel Facility Invites Tenders for the Management of Etheridge Shire Council’s Student Hostel Facility located within the Township of Georgetown for a period of two (2) years.  This Tender is for the management and supervision of Etheridge Shire Council’s student hostel facility with the successful tenderer being responsible for the overall care and supervision of the hostel students and the day to day operation of the hostel. 28 Sept 2020
Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries Red Ant Eradication Program

Inviting organisations in the chemical, pest management, nursery and supply industries with an interest in baits or treatments for killing fire ants, to attend an online Industry Briefing.  The briefing will be held from 2.00pm – 3.30pm on Monday 28 September 2020 via Microsoft Teams.

28 Sept 2020
Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council Coastal Hazard Adaption Strategy Seeking to enage a consultant to assist us with our Coastal Harzard Adaption Strategy. We have completed Phases 1 & 2 and would like to progress completing the final stages. 28 Sept 2020
Cook Shire Council PSA – Annual Technical Inspections Intends to appoint a supplier as the Principal’s non-exclusive preferred supplier for Annual Technical Inspections as detailed in Part 5 – Response Schedules for the term stated in Part 2 – Tender Information.  The Principal invites tenders from suitably qualified parties for appointment as that preferred supplier. 30 Sept 2020
Cairns Regional Council External Audit Committee Members Seeking applications from suitably qualified professionals to undertake the role of external Audit Committee Members. The following positions are available:  * Chairperson  * Deputy Chairperson;  The Audit Committee undertakes an advisory function and provides Council with independent advice on key Council activities. 7 Oct 2020
Information Technology and Communication
Infrastructure Services / Transport / Energy / Water
Dept of Transport and Main Roads – FNQ Project Advisor Contractors are invited to tender for services of a Project Advisor to provide specialist support for the delivery of the various major road infrastructure projects being delivered by the Cairns Significant Projects (CSP) team.  Please refer to the attached Request for Quote and Technical Brief for tender submission requirements. 17 Sept 2020
Dept of Transport and Main Roads – RoadTek Kennedy Highway Roadworks

Request for Quote;  RTCNS 74/20 Supply and delivery of quarry material for the Kennedy Hwy Safety Improvement Project – Stage 1

The Department of Transport and Main Roads invites offers for the provision of goods and services as specified in Section 1 – Requirements.

18 Sept 2020
Cassowary Coast Regional Council Road Construction Services Construction of REPA Road Betterment Works 28 Sept 2020
Cassowary Coast Regional Council Reseal Package Invitation open to tender for the 2020 Reseal Package 6 Oct 2020
Medical and Health
Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Medical Footwear Seeking Expressions of Interest for the Supply and Fitting of Medical Grade Footwear. 29 Sept 2020
Dept of Health Evaluation of the Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program Seeking to procure a supplier to undertake a rigorous evaluation of the Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program.  The Australian Nurse-Family Partnership Program supports women pregnant with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child through pre-natal care until the child is two years old through sustained nurse-led home visiting. Home visiting teams work to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children and their families by providing health information specific to the mother and baby, parenting and social support, coordination of health care and through assisting parents and children to access other support services.  The evaluation will be conducted over a duration of 4 years. 9 Oct 2020
Australian Bureau of Statistics Pathology Services for the National Health Measures Study The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is conducting an Intergenerational Health and Mental Health Study (IHMHS). This study includes the National Health Study (NHS), National Nutrition and Physical Activity Study (NNPAS) and the National Health Measures Study (NHMS). Each of these encompasses both a general population and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population component. The National Health Measures Study component will collect blood and urine samples from participants to assess a range of chronic disease, nutrient biomarkers and potentially PFAS chemicals which will provide objective measures for chronic disease and disease risk factors. 12 Oct 2020