Eco-Markets Australia

Cairns, QLD
Brief Description
Eco-Markets Australia is Australia's first independent environmental markets administrator. As an environmental markets administrator, we are focused on creating opportunities for Australian environmental markets, and access to them. Administering market schemes, which are the mechanisms that enable land managers to access and participate in environmental markets, is at the heart of what we do. We also support mechanisms and processes so that additional environmental markets can be developed.
Long Business Description

Environmental markets are a solution that help address environmental challenges. They support farming and grazing businesses by recognizing, valuing and paying land managers for delivering environmental benefits. Eco-Markets Australia provides independent administration and oversight of environmental market schemes. As part of our administrative role we review and update existing Standards and Methodologies; we receive, assess and process project applications; and we look after processes that will ensure the Credit Registry is secure, accessible and functional.

We develop robust, transparent and practical environmental crediting Standards. These set out the rules and requirements for developing projects and Methodologies, the validation, registration, monitoring, verification, crediting and issuance process, and governance arrangements. We work with method developers to undertake public consultation and expert review processes in developing environmental crediting Methodologies. Methodologies are approved, scientifically supported, formal mechanisms to account for, or measure the verified environmental benefits.

Eco-Markets Australia’s Credit Registry is the ledger that tracks environmental Credit transactions and ownership, including the generation, purchase and retirement of Credits. We issue Credits after completing a rigorous verification process in accordance with the applicable Standard and Methodology, which includes an independent audit. This process confirms the environmental outcome and the quantity of Credits generated by a project which can be transacted through the Registry.

Environmental markets administered by EMA are mechanisms to invest in the health of our natural capital. Participating in environmental markets is supporting change and is a visible show of social responsibility. Buyers receive quantified and verified results for their investment. There are clear rules and auditing, to ensure buyer confidence.

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