01 March 2020 – For Immediate Release

Regional Development Australia Tropical North (RDATN) is pleased to advise its role has been extended under a new funding agreement to 30 June 2025.

David Kempton has been reappointed as Chair and Brett Moller as Deputy Chair.

In making the announcement, Hon Nola Marino MP, Assistant Minister for Regional Development said, “I am pleased to announce the reappointment of David Kempton to 30 June 2025.David has provided strong leadership for RDATN during his time as Chair, having successfully steered the committee through the challenges of 2020 and, along with the members and staff, provided great support for the region’s business community and future economic development.  David will lead RDATN under a refreshed Charter that focuses their role on driving investment and local procurement opportunities and through this, creating jobs and economic growth for our regions. I look forward to working with David and the RDATN members and staff over the coming years and encourage the community to reach out to their RDA to discuss how it can help business succeed”. The RDATN Committee comprising Carolyn Eagle, Joe Moro, Jodie Duignan-George, Fred White and Bill Shannon, have all accepted reappointment.  The committee recognizes the considerable contribution of past committee members, Julie-ann Lambourne, Rob Giason and Scott Davis over the past 3 years and are actively seeking replacements for the ensuing term.

The Committee also expresses its gratitude to Danielle Carey for her dedication as CEO. Danielle did not reapply for the position.

We are also very pleased to welcome back Sonja Johnson into the key role of Chief Executive Officer.  As CEO of RDA from 2012 to 2014, Sonja brings a wealth of experience to the organisation which complements her deep understanding of the region.

In accepting the reappointment as Chair, David Kempton said he was looking forward to carrying forward all the good work the organization has achieved, as it positions itself as a leader in the future growth of our region.

“We have formed a strong alliance with FNQROC to become the conduit to Federal and State Governments to drive the regional agenda and assist industry, business, regional development organizations and local authorities to develop and present a uniform strategy for our future.” Mr Kempton said.

David added, “The post-Covid economic recovery has seen an end to the ad hoc approach to project funding that was a hallmark of our past. We will encourage all the major participants in our region to work together to restore existing industries and identify and promote new opportunities.


Sonja Johnson, CEO RDATN             David Kempton, Chair RDA Tropical North

ceo@rdatropicalnorth.org.au             chair@rdatropicalnorth.org.au




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