RDA FNQ&TS Chair, David Kempton was pleased to hear advocacy by the RDA FNQ&TS board to save Mossman Mill had paid off.

 Tableland Canegrowers Chair, Maryann Salvetti had presented to the RDA FNQ&TS board and gained its full support for the project.

 “RDA FNQ&TS was happy to advocate for the continued future of Mossman Mill” said Mr. Kempton. “We understand the inherent risks that need to be measured against the importance of this industry to the future of Mossman.”

 The recent Cairns TNQ Convoy to Canberra provided RDA FNQ&TS with an ideal opportunity to continue its advocacy for the project. “We were pleased to be invited to represent our region,” said Mr. Kempton. “Saving the Mossman Mill was one of RDA FNQ&TS’ main objectives during the Cairns TNQ Convoy to Canberra.”

 RDA FNQ&TS applauds local growers recognising the opportunity to control their future in the cane industry.  “Preventing the closure of Mossman Mill is paramount to the future of the Mossman region,” said Mr. Kempton, “70 cane farmers, 560 employees and over 400 businesses would have been out of work or negatively affected.”

 RDA FNQ&TS welcomes the establishment of the Daintree Bio Precinct. The move towards green energy and manufacturing is very exciting for the future of the sugar industry. The production of environmentally friendly, high value products in far North Queensland will not only see the creation of 86 new long term jobs, but further cement the Far North Queensland’s clean and green reputation.

 Media Contacts: RDA FNQ&TS Chair, David Kempton info@rdafnqts.org.au – 0407964332