Introduction to the Defence Market

The Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) is delivering a nationwide series of seminars for businesses that are seeking to learn about

opportunities in the defence market.

The Introduction to the Defence Market series will be delivered by the experienced CDIC Advisory Services Team.

Register now for a seminar in your area.

The seminars will provide valuable information to help aspiring businesses assess the defence market and understand how to pursue opportunities.

There will also be the opportunity to meet with an experienced CDIC Defence Adviser for a tailored one-on-one consultation.

An Expression of Interest application form for the consultation can be requested when registering for the seminar.

The seminars will be tailored for audiences in each location and will include information on, and where suitable, presentations from:

  • the defence marketplace
  • Defence Industry Associations
  • Defence programs
  • prime contractors
  • SME case studies

If you have any queries please contact CDIC at