The 1,000 Jobs Package increases employment opportunities in remote Australia for Community Development Program (CDP) participants. An eligible employer could receive financial support of up to $56,000 (GST exclusive) over two years, including retention bonuses, to help them hire a CDP participant in a new, ongoing job located in a CDP region.

The 1,000 Jobs Package is a demand drive, eligibility based grant opportunity being delivered in two tranches.

Tranche One

Tranche One was open from 1 September 2019 to 30 December 2019. It comprised of an initial grant opportunity of up to 200 subsidies.

Tranche Two

Tranche Two opened on 31 December 2019 and will close in April 2021.  It comprises of 800 subsidies plus any not filled under Tranche One.

Over two years, eligible employers could receive:

  • a wage subsidy of up to $51,000 (GST exclusive) paid at an hourly rate in arrears.
  • a retention bonus of up to $5,000 (GST exclusive) for retaining a CDP participant in employment, paid in instalment.
  • Tranche Two includes a Youth Engagement Jobs stream for employers who create employment opportunities for CDP participants to work with youth. Jobs under the Youth Engagement Jobs Stream are eligible for additional incentives, including:
  • a commencement payment of $1,000 (GST exclusive) for employers.
  • an employee bonus of up to $2,000 (GST exclusive) for remaining in employment, paid in instalments. Payments will be made to employers to be passed on to employees.