The Cape York Region Package (CYRP) Sub-Working Group and the CYRP Taskforce met separately in Cairns on 5 August 2019.

Updates were provided on current progress of 2017 and 2018 Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) works including:

  • Laura Racecourse to Little Laura (8.5km) – practical completion achieved on 14 December 2017;
  • Myall Creek to Rio Boundary (completed the remaining 4.3 of 8.8 km) practical completion achieved on 21 June 2018;
  • 10 Mile Creek (1.6 km) practical completion achieved on 5 September 2018;
  • Piccaninny Black Soils (5.6 km) practical completion achieved 12 November 2018; and
  • South of Duck Holes Creek (4.1 km) practical completion achieved on 30 November 2018.

Updates were also provided on the two remaining 2018 PDR projects:

  • Fairview West (part A) – RoadTek commenced work on the 6.4km in October 2018. 100% of the drainage works and 20% of the earthworks were completed prior to the project going into wet season suspension in January 2019. Works resumed 15 July 2019. Practical Completion is programmed for mid-October 2019, weather permitting:
  • Telecom Tower to Archer River – 6.7km project. Contract awarded to QH & M Birt on 4 January 2019.  The project went into wet season suspension in January 2019 with works commencing on 14 May 2019. Practical Completion is expected 10 October 2019, weather permitting.

There was detailed discussion and updates on progress of the TCICA Projects. Aurukun and Pormpuraaw have expended their funds. NPARC, Wujal Wujal and Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council have sought an extension of time to complete their respective projects.  These extensions of time have been endorsed by the CYRP Program Board.  Kowanyama and Lockhart River have utilized remaining funds to complete additional works.

The Sub-Working Group discussed and agreed the need for an Economic and Social Impact Study on the Stage 1 package to capture the local and broader outcomes. The Sub-Working Group noted that the end of the CYRP Stage 1 program is an opportune time to engage deeply with the Cape community to identify and capture direct and indirect benefits observed and experienced by community, local government and other stakeholders as outcomes of the CYRP. TMR, in consultation with DITCRD and RDA, will progress the scope of the study.

Under the Australian Government (AG) Roads of Strategic Importance (ROSI) program, based on 80:20 funding arrangements, the AG has committed $190 million towards further upgrades along the Cooktown to Weipa corridor and surrounding roads.  The Queensland Government has further committed $47.5 million toward this important corridor, taking the total funding commitment to $237.5 million for CYRP Stage 2. TMR has submitted a proposal to the Australian Government for CYRP Stage 2. The proposal includes progressive sealing of the PDR at strategic locations, as well as a bridge crossing at Archer River.  The proposal also includes progressive sealing of Indigenous community roads and sections of the Northern Peninsula Road (Weipa turnoff to Bamaga) that connect to the PDR.

The CYRP Sub-Working Group recognised the significant contribution, cooperation and collaboration by local, state and federal government organisations in the development and delivery of the CYRP and noted it as being a strong contributing factor for its success to date. Such collaboration and cooperation are noted as a principle that will be upheld by the SWG and Taskforce as and when future CYRP works are developed and delivered.

The CYRP Sub-Working Group and Taskforce acknowledged the support and involvement provided by Allen Cunneen (DATSIP) and Christina Garbin (DITCRD) to the CYRP Sub-Working Group and Taskforce as part of CYRP Stage 1.

It was agreed that the SWG and Taskforce Meetings will be scheduled 6 monthly in mid-June and late-November on the same day.  RDA (FNQ&TS) will continue to send out the invitations and will be reviewing Taskforce attendees to ensure continuous communication with key stakeholders about the projects and their progress.

  •  Next Taskforce meeting – Cairns (late-November 2019)
  • Next Sub-Working Group meeting – Cairns (late-November 2019)


Status of the PDR delivery under the CYRP as at 31 July 2019.

Calendar year Total KMs sealed Packages of works
2014 34 km

·         Rocky Creek to Koolburra (10.9km)

·         South of Sudley (16.2km)

·         Kalinga to Healys (7.2km)

2015 34 km

·         Mein Deviation, north of the Archer River (18.9km of 28.8km)

·         South of Hann River (6.1km)

·         Sourayas Hill (north of Coen Airport) (4.5km)

·         South of Morehead River (4.4km)

2016 36 km

·         Mein Deviation, north of the Archer River (remaining 9.9km of 28.8km)

·         Coen South (4km of 22km)

·         Archer to Wolverton (4.4km of 13.6km)

·         Musgrave (12.3km)

·         Little Laura to Fairview (5.1km)

2017 40 km

·         Coen South (remaining 18km of 22km)

·         Archer to Wolverton (remaining 9.2km of 13.6km)

·         Myall Creek to Rio Boundary (4.5km of 8.8km)

·         South of Duck Holes Creek (no sealing commenced)

·         10 Mile Creek (no sealing commenced)

·         Laura Racecourse to Little Laura (8.5km)

2018 16 km

·         Myall Creek to Rio Boundary (remaining 4.3km of 8.8km)

·         South of Duck Holes Creek (4.1km)

·         10 Mile Creek (1.6km)

·         Piccaninny Black Soil (5.6km)

  160 km  ·         Total km sealed to December 2018 
2019 13 km

·         Fairview West (part A) (to complete 6.4km)

·         Telecom Tower to Archer River (to complete 6.7km)

  173km Total km proposed be sealed by December 2019


RDA FNQ&TS– Danielle Carey, – 0409 260 978
TMR Cairns – – 1800 184 317

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