The Cape York Region Package (CYRP) Sub Working Group met on the 22nd of March 2018 in Cairns.

The last Sub Working Group meeting was held in May 2017 and the most recent Taskforce meeting was held in Cairns in December 2017. The Cape York Region Package (CYRP) is in its final phase of delivery, with full completion due by June 2019.

Since the December 2017 Taskforce meeting, the wet has well and truly set in. As such, three of the four 2017 PDR projects are to be completed post- wet season, including:

  • Myall Creek to Rio Boundary (to complete 4.8 km of 8.8 km)
  • South of Duck Holes Creek (to complete 4.1 km)
  • 10 Mile Creek (to complete 1.6 km)

Updates on the three 2018 PDR project tender processes, were also provided noting that Roadtek are delivering Fairview West (part A) – 6.4km (as sole invitee); tenders are under consideration for Piccaninny Black Soil – 5.6km and due to be announced in May; with the final tender for Telecom Tower to Archer River – 6.7km to go to tender and be awarded mid-year. TMR has undertaken a staggered approach to the release of tenders to more effectively capture the targeted tier of contractors.

The CIMA (Cape Indigenous Mayors Alliance – now established as the Torres Cape Indigenous Councils Alliance – TCICA) program of works in Cape communities will re-commence post – wet season noting the good performance to date with a number of projects still to be delivered before the end of the year.

TMR and the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development & Cities (DIRDC) reconfirmed that the program of PDR projects was on track for delivery by June 2019 to ensure the full scope of the program was achieved.

 The core of the meeting focused on planning for the proposed funding of CYRP Tranche 2, with the District Office of TMR undertaking significant work in developing an Investment Strategy which would be shared with DIRDC in the first instance. The overarching approach is for a 10-year program, in two five-year parts, ensuring a core component of the total spend is invested in Indigenous communities, notably community access roads, to build road transport connectivity across the Cape to effectively link in with a fully-sealed Peninsula Developmental Road.

Other matters raised:

  • DATSIP presented its Master Planning process, which is being rolled out across 34 communities to address land administration and planning issues to facilitate future growth and economic activity.
  • DSDMIP and RDA FNQ&TS identified the value of the broader West Cape York Economic Development Strategy to provide industry sector strategic activity that could be brought effectively to the community level off the investment under the CYRP.
  • RDA FNQ&TS highlighted the need for a collation of whole of government and private sector project information to assist the construction sector and others in planning for effective mobilisation of resources to capitalise on tender/contract/business opportunities.
  • PMC advised of changes to the Community Development Program and its strong interest in supporting and driving an effective Indigenous economic development strategy process.


  • Matters for discussion at the next Taskforce meeting include:
  1. Proposed future investment plans for CYRP Tranche 2 and Tranche 3;
  2. Communicating the outcomes and benefits of CYRP to build support for further investment;
  3. Ensuring effective maintenance of the PDR;
  4. How to progress the broader West Cape York Economic Strategy;
  5. Exploration of the Federal and State Indigenous and local procurement policies and broader Indigenous training and employment programs and opportunities; and
  6. Process for finalising the proposed revised Terms of Reference for the Taskforce and Sub Working Group.


  • Next Taskforce meeting – 1 June 2018 – Weipa
  • Next SWG meeting – TBC September 2018 – Cairns
  • Final Taskforce meeting 2018 – TBC December – Cairns


Summary of PDR delivery to date

Calendar Year Total Kms sealed Packages of works
2014 34 km

·         Rocky Creek to Koolburra (10.9 km)

·         South of Sudley (16.2 km)

·         Kalinga to Healys (7.2 km)

2015 34 km

·         Mein Deviation, north of the Archer River (18.9 km of 28.8 km)

·         South of Hann River (6.1 km)

·         Sourayas Hill (north of Coen Airport) (4.5 km)

·         South of Morehead River (4.4 km)

2016 36 km

·         Mein Deviation, north of the Archer River (remaining 9.9 km of 28.8 km)

·         Coen South (4 km of 22 km)

·         Archer to Wolverton (4.4 km of 13.6 km)

·         Musgrave (12.3 km)

·         Little Laura to Fairview (5.1 km)


40 km


·         Coen South (remaining 18 km of 22 km)

·         Archer to Wolverton (remaining 9.2 km of 13.6 km)

·         Myall Creek to Rio Boundary (4.5 km of 8.8 km)

·         South of Duck Holes Creek (no sealing commenced)

·         10 Mile Creek (no sealing commenced)

·         Laura Racecourse to Little Laura (8.5 km)

  144 km Total km sealed under CYRP to December 2017

29 km


Assuming completion of 2017 projects and 2018 projects

·         Myall Creek to Rio Boundary (to complete 4.3 km of 8.8 km)

·         South of Duck Holes Creek (to complete 4.1 km)

·         10 Mile Creek (to complete 1.6 km)

·         Telecom Tower to Archer River (6.7 km)

  • Piccaninny Black Soil (5.6 km)
  • Fairview West (part A) (6.4 km)
  173 km Total PDR km proposed be sealed under CYRP by June 2019



RDA FNQ&TS – Jann Crase – – 0458 388 080

TMR Cairns – – 1800 184 317


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