Easing to Stage 2 for Remote Communities….

Safe Travel Zones are now in place, allowing residents to travel without quarantining.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer is responsible for declaring Safe Travel Zones, according to public health advice and in consultation with LDMGs.

A list of Safe Travel Zones will be regularly reviewed and published on COVID19.qld.gov.au.  Zones may apply to a single community, or an area.


As of 12 June 2020…

Residents may travel within a Safe Travel Zone (which could be more than one local area) with no requirement to self-quarantine when they return home.

However, if they travel outside of a Safe Travel Zone, they MUST quarantine on return, except if this is for essential medical treatment.


Other groups exempt from quarantine…

Workers entering a remote community with an approved biosecurity plan.

> Workers entering a remote community for an urgent purpose (no requirement for an approved biosecurity plan).

> Visitors from anywhere within a Safe Travel Zone must stay within that Safe Travel Zone.

> As under Stage 1: self quarantining inside community can occur and the same preconditions of entry apply, including no COVID-19 related symptoms in the last 14 days.