ASBAS Digital Solutions Program to be expanded…

The Australian Government has announced that it will expand the ASBAS Digital Solutions Qld Digital Solutions program by an additional 10,000 places across the country.
The ASBAS program has been helping small businesses adapt and survive throughout the COVID-19 crisis, by providing low-cost, expert, tailored advice in an online format.
ASBAS Digital Solutions is currently seeking ad hoc advisors with outstanding communication skills to conduct online workshops and webinars.
You’ll need to be a suitably qualified and experienced Queensland-based digital or business professional with skills in any of the following areas:
• Business websites and selling online
• Social media and digital marketing
• Using small business software
• Online security and data privacy
• Business crisis management and business continuity planning
• Finance management and boosting cash flow
• Staff management and creating a safe work environment
• Retaining and staying connected to customers
• Resilience and wellbeing
• Advice on accessing COVID-19 stimulus packages for small business.
As all services will be provided online, it doesn’t matter where you live in Queensland – you can start making a difference for small businesses affected by COVID-19.
If you think you have the right skill set, including the gift of the gab, click on the button below to submit an expression of interest.