Tony Potter

Tony Potter

Project Director

Tony brings to the team a specialist background in infrastructure planning and delivery and strategic planning. He is a Registered Professional Engineer Qld. His career has ranged through Main Roads, Cook Shire, and private consultant for project management and strategic planning including the upgrade planning for the Mulligan Hwy to Cooktown.

His second term with the Qld Dept of Transport and Main Roads (to 2015) resulted in the position of Regional Director for Far North Qld, enhancing his skills in major infrastructure delivery, policy planning, team management and significant financial accountability. Outstanding contributions in this period include the development and implementation of the First Stage of the Peninsula Developmental Road upgrade to Weipa ($265M), and the restoration work resulting from Cyclone YASI ($700M) including the reconstruction of the Cardwell Foreshore.

Since retirement from the Department Tony has worked as a consultant to RDA for the feasibility study of the Lakeland Irrigation Area and recently as superintendent for the Charleston Dam with Etheridge Shire Council concurrently with project management work for RDA.

His interest in strategic planning commenced in Cook Shire and was instrumental in the initiation of the Cape York Land Use Study.

Tony’s passion is the identification and implementation of public works for the betterment of the community and the advancement of the economic profile of North Qld.