ABC Heywire is proud to announce and celebrate the winners of the 2021 Trailblazers competition.

These young people have big plans for the futures of their projects and the impact they hope they’ll each have on their corner of Australia, from helping to keep Indigenous language and connection to Country alive, to driving social change for people with disability.

 Earlier this year we told you about young Kaleb from Kewarra Beach who’s story about his love of language gained him recognigtion as a Heywire winner.

We have now learned of two Heywire Trailblazers in our region.

Timothy Lachlan previously of FNQ but now based on the Gold Coast, has established WCMX & Adaptive Skate Australia.  He delivers skate and mobility training sessions that sees him teach other wheelchair users everyday mobility tips right through to extreme skills at the skatepark!
And Shennae Neal of Yarrabah says that starting MOTIV8 NATION is only the starting point to continuing health education in her community. She provides culturally safe and supportive bootcamps to encourage and motivate her community to make healthy life choices.