The theme for Queensland Women’s Week 2020 is “Celebrating our diverse community of strong women.

The theme highlights the diversity of women in Queensland and aims to empower and inspire Queensland women and girls to embrace and celebrate their unique qualities and experiences.

Recognising and celebrating our diversity enriches and strengthens our communities and creates a more equal Queensland where everyone is valued.

Themes for past Queensland Women’s Weeks have included:

2019 – Invest in women. Invest in the future.
2018 – Celebrate wellbeing. Everybody wins.
2017 – Be involved. Lead the way.
2016 – Good for her. Great for us. When women achieve, Queensland succeeds.

International Women’s Day Theme

UN Women is the United Nations entity responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality and was established to accelerate progress to meet the needs of women and girls worldwide. Each year the UN Women National Committee Australia announces a national IWD theme.

In 2020, UN Women will mark IWD with the theme Generation Equality. The theme encourages all generations to create a new vision where every girl and woman everywhere has equal opportunities to lead, learn, earn a decent living and live their lives free from violence and discrimination.